Progress, Not Perfection

I found a shift is a step in the perfect direction.

The concept of a zero-waste lifestyle has captivated me. I began to see of the surplus, as I’ve delved into figuring out how to decrease my waste.

Take my kitchen. It is a room with cabinets, all which are currently exploding. So much so that before this month, when I arrived home with a pint glass, the kitchen threw. I wound up but also a recipe for glass that was.

I could think about nothing but this issue nowadays. I dug to obtain the glassware I relied almost 60 and I’ve gathered through time. Drinking. Glasses. In. My. Tiny. Kitchen.

Cue a decluttering episode, and I am currently at 35 eyeglasses. I retained a range of glasses, pint glasses, rocks glasses, wine glasses, water glasses, and water bottles. Additionally, lots of mason jars (I am too frightened to count) I use for canning but might double as drinking glasses in a pinch.

I am trying hard to reconcile the demand for eyeglasses; after all, a rationale is water glasses are not the same as wine glasses? What happens when I have a winter gathering that is little and cider is wanted by everybody? So, off their palms burn I must have mugs. Or I cannot bear to part with them and what if I attached to some four eyeglasses that are holiday-themed?

Finding the proper balance will differ for everybody and is difficult. For me personally, right now it resembles a kitchen using three dozen glasses, but I am searching improvement, not perfection.


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