How Much Does Love Cost?

Just how many advertisements have you noticed in the past couple of weeks? How about cologne advertisements? Flowers? Chocolate? Ads at restaurants and boutique resorts for couples’ bargains?

Valentine’s Day is this year’s shopping event. This amounts to almost $20 billion such as gifts. Valentine’s Day is too big for entrepreneurs to dismiss — it is like Black Friday for Brands, chocolatiers, and jewelers.

This vacation is intended to be a opportunity to get in touch in a means that reveals dedication and love. Never mind that we ought to be attempting to demonstrate that our loved ones that they’re loved each day of this year. The 1 day we dare never fail to impress, Valentine’s Day that the hitter has been made by our civilization.

I am not saying we should not give gifts. There is A thoughtfully gift one way. Nonetheless, it’s just one approach.

Then we may consider a focus on gift-giving induces us to undervalue the four When we subscribe to this concept that there aren’t any Love Languages. In reality, perhaps we store more and collect a lot of things because we are attempting (unsuccessfully) to fill that gap.

For demonstrating love this Valentine’s Day, why not we invest a little time and energy on the chances?

  1. Acts of Service

Doing chores for yet another, discovering a need and fulfilling it without being asked, falling a grudge and also making the initial move toward solving a dispute, etc.

  1. Words of Affirmation

Sincere compliments, saying “I love you” and “Thank you,” giving encouragement, speaking positively instead of complaining, etc.

  1. Quality Time

Focused and uninterrupted focus, listening without considering something different, shared actions, etc..

  1. Physical Touch

I like receiving a chocolate hearts, or even a card that is lovely, or a single rose. However, I love having a telephone call from my daughter or any help with family chores, a few acupressure from my massage therapist kid, my husband’s undivided attention, and smiles and hugs in my grandsons. Those are presents for every day, not a vacation that is designated.


You be loved, now and every day and enjoy.


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